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DSMT Matriculation Ceremony 2023/2024: A New Voyage Begins!



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Delta State School of Marine Technology Matriculation Ceremony

The Delta State School of Marine Technology (DSMT), a beacon of maritime education in Nigeria, is set to celebrate the induction of its new students for the 2023/2024 academic session with a prestigious matriculation ceremony. Under the leadership of the esteemed Rector, Prof. James Okoro, and after comprehensive consultations with the management team, the details of this significant event have been finalised, heralding the beginning of an exciting educational voyage for the newly admitted students.

Date 26th March 2024
⏰ Time 10:00 AM
Venue Braduce Complex, Burutu Campus
Gown Rental N3,000 at Bursary Unit
Gown Return To Registry Unit after ceremony
Fine for Late Return Applicable for defaulters
Event Matriculation Ceremony
Start Your Journey Welcome to the DSMT community

Matriculation Ceremony Details

The matriculation ceremony, a pivotal moment in the academic calendar, marks the formal admission of new students into the university community. It is an event that symbolises the students’ commitment to their educational aspirations and the institution’s pledge to support their academic journey. Here are the specifics of the DSMT matriculation ceremony:

  • Date: Tuesday, 26th March, 2024
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Venue: Braduce Complex, Burutu Campus

This event is not only a rite of passage for new students but also an opportunity for them to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of the Delta State School of Marine Technology.

Instructions for Matriculants

To ensure a smooth and memorable matriculation ceremony, the following instructions have been issued to all matriculating students:

  1. Academic Gown Hiring: Matriculants are required to pay a fee of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000) only at the bursary unit for the hiring of academic gowns. Following payment, gowns can be collected from the Registry unit at the Burutu campus.
  2. Gown Return: After the ceremony, it is imperative that all gowns be returned to the Registry unit promptly. Please note that failure to return the gowns will result in a fine, as outlined by the university management.
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A Note to New Students

The matriculation ceremony is a momentous occasion that signifies the official start of your academic pursuits at DSMT. It is a day to reflect on the journey ahead, the challenges you will overcome, and the successes you will achieve. As you take this significant step, remember that you are now part of a community committed to excellence, innovation, and the advancement of marine technology education.


The DSMT community is eagerly anticipating the matriculation ceremony to welcome the new cohort of students. It promises to be a day filled with excitement, inspiration, and the beginning of new friendships and learning experiences. We extend our warmest congratulations to all students offered provisional admission into the 2023/2024 academic session and look forward to celebrating your happy matriculation ceremony. Here’s to the start of a rewarding and transformative journey at the Delta State School of Marine Technology!

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