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How To Check If Change Of Name In JAMB Has Reflected



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This is one of the questions raised by a few students I have come in contact with. Some students have successfully requested name corrections, but they’re not sure how to confirm if the changes have been made, so it’s very important we clear every confusion on this topic.

So, how best do you know or check if the names you corrected with JAMB have been approved, corrected, and made to reflect on your portal?

This post will help you with this and other related questions.

The changes in your names won’t appear on the JAMB portal

If you’re checking the profile section of your JAMB portal to see when the correction shows up, it’s a fruitless effort. You’re in the same category as a student who recently asked about this.

please I did my date of birth correction last year so I decided to check now but I’m still seeing the wrong one so I printed my results slip and I saw the changed corrected one but the wrong one is till showing on the portal… Please what’s wrong

JAMB’s response was as good as what I would have said

Kindly be aware that the date of birth is unchangeable on the JAMB portal

The response above might be misunderstood to mean that JAMB wouldn’t approve name corrections or had stopped permitting it.

Actually, it was intended to reveal that you won’t observe the name correction in your JAMB portal profile section. There’s a better method to find out when it’s approved and visible.

Printing or Reprinting of Your JAMB Results Will Show It

As I mentioned before, if you received an email notification of the approval, the changes have been made. However, even if you check the profile section on the JAMB portal, you’ll still see the incorrect names.

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So, whether you receive the email notification or not (after a reasonable amount of time for the correction), you should just go ahead and print your JAMB result. This is referred to as the original JAMB result!

If you’ve printed your result before requesting the correction, you’ll need to print it again. If you haven’t printed it before, you’ll need to make the payment, download the result, and then print it. If you’ve printed it before, you’ve already paid, so just go ahead and reprint it.

If the correction has been approved, it should reflect on your JAMB original result

Extra Information on Correcting JAMB Names

  • Corrections made to JAMB without the same correction made to the NIN will not be accepted.
  • If your correction request is not approved, you can’t apply again because, at the moment of writing, candidates are allowed to correct their names only once. You might get lucky if your intended school accepts a court affidavit to resolve this issue.
  • If you don’t receive an approval email after requesting name corrections, or if the corrected name doesn’t appear when you reprint your JAMB result, you should wait and check again later, or, you can reach out to the JAMB helpline to hasten their attention to your application.
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