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JAMB CBT Biology Questions: Demystifying the Tough Ones



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So you breezed through the JAMB CBT mock tests and past questions for biology, feeling on top of your game. But now the real exam is here and suddenly those tricky questions seem a whole lot trickier. Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered. We combed through the toughest JAMB CBT biology questions from the last few years to help demystify them and give you the skills and confidence to take them on. By the time you finish this article, those confusing questions won’t seem so confusing after all. You’ve studied hard for this exam and you’re ready to show what you know. We’ll walk you through some of the hardest questions step-by-step so you can walk into that computer-based test center with your head held high, ready to conquer any question that comes your way. Take a deep breath – you’ve got this! Now let’s dive in and get to work.

Understanding the JAMB CBT Biology Exam Format

The JAMB CBT biology exam has a pretty standard format that’s good to understand going in.

First, the exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions spanning the entire JAMB biology syllabus. You’ll have 2 hours to complete the full exam, so about 1 minute and 20 seconds per question. Manage your time wisely!

The questions are a mix of knowledge-based questions, application questions, and problem-solving questions. Really know your stuff, but also expect questions that require applying what you’ve learned to new situations. Some will involve interpreting diagrams, data, or experimental results.

The exam is computer-based, so you’ll see the questions on a screen and select your answers using a mouse or touchpad. Make sure you’re comfortable with the format and try taking some practice tests ahead of time.

An important tip is to answer easy questions first to build your confidence, then tackle the more difficult ones. Guess intelligently on questions you’re unsure of – your score is based only on the number of correct answers.

Pay close attention to key terms in the questions like “not”, “except”, or “least”. These can completely change the meaning and trip you up if you miss them. Read each question and all the options thoroughly.

With the right preparation and strategies, you can master this exam. Focus on understanding concepts deeply, not just memorizing facts. And remember, while biology involves a lot of details, this test aims to determine your broad and integrated knowledge of the subject. You’ve got this! Now go forth and show what you know.

Reviewing Key Biology Concepts and Theories

To ace those tough biology questions on the JAMB CBT, you need to review some key concepts and theories.

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The Cell Theory

The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. All living things are composed of cells. According to the cell theory:

  • All living things are composed of cells
  • Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things
  • Cells can only arise from the division of existing cells

The Theory of Evolution

The diversity of life on Earth is a result of evolution, or descent with modification from common ancestors. Some key points in the theory of evolution by natural selection:

  • Living things produce offspring that are similar to themselves.
  • There is variation between individuals of the same species.
  • There is a struggle for existence as more are born than can survive and reproduce.
  • Some variations may be beneficial and increase the chance of survival and reproduction. This is known as “natural selection.”
  • Over generations, natural selection results in changes in the inherited characteristics of a population, and new species arise.

By reviewing these foundational concepts, you’ll have a stronger grasp of biology and be ready to take on even the toughest questions. Stay focused, believe in yourself, and remember that knowledge is power. You’ve got this! With preparation and persistence, you will overcome.

Practicing With Realistic JAMB CBT Biology Questions

To ace the biology questions on the JAMB CBT, practicing with realistic questions is key. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

Focus on Key JAMB CBT Biology Topics

The JAMB CBT biology exam focuses on certain key topics from the high school biology curriculum. Make sure you review genetics, cell biology, ecology, evolution, and human anatomy and physiology. These topics frequently appear in the exam.

Practice With Past JAMB CBT Questions

The best way to prepare for the JAMB CBT biology questions is to practice with real exam questions from previous years. You can find collections of past JAMB CBT biology questions in review books and online. Work through them and get familiar with the style and format of questions. Pay attention to the answers and explanations. Look for patterns in the types of questions asked.

Time Yourself

The JAMB CBT biology section is timed, so get used to working under time pressure. Set a timer for 50 minutes and try to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. Start with shorter practice tests of 10-20 questions and build up your endurance. Look for ways to improve your timing, like skipping questions you’re stuck on and coming back to them later.

Review Your Wrong Answers

Don’t just check if you got the right answer—review why the wrong choices are incorrect. Understanding the explanations for the correct and incorrect answers will help reinforce your learning and prepare you for similar questions on the actual exam.


Stay Calm and Focused

Some biology questions can seem intimidating, especially if they cover topics you struggle with. Don’t panic. Take a few deep breaths to stay calm. Eliminate incorrect choices and make your best guess. You can come back to the question later if you have time. Staying focused and confident in yourself will help you do your best on the exam.

With diligent practice of realistic JAMB CBT biology questions, studying the key topics, and preparing in a focused, timed environment, you’ll build the skills and endurance to ace the biology section. Stay determined and keep practicing—you’ve got this!

Strategies for Answering Difficult Biology Questions

When facing difficult biology questions on the JAMB CBT, don’t panic. There are strategies you can use to figure them out and up your chances of choosing the right answer.

Read the Question Carefully

Take your time to fully understand what the question is asking. Read it twice if needed. Look for keywords that indicate the topic or subject matter. Make sure you know what the question wants you to provide – a definition, explanation, example, process, etc. Rushing through the question can lead to choosing an incorrect answer.

Eliminate Wrong Answers

Go through each answer choice and eliminate those that are clearly wrong. Strike through the choices that are too extreme or ones you know are incorrect. This will leave you with fewer options to consider, increasing your odds of picking the right one.

Make an Educated Guess

If you’re still unsure of the answer after eliminating options, make an educated guess. Look for clues in the question that point to the most likely choice. Think about what you know about biology and choose the choice that aligns with your knowledge. Your educated guess has a good chance of being right.

Review Related Topics

Some questions require understanding related or underlying topics to determine the answer. Quickly review in your mind what you know about those related subjects. For example, a question on osmosis may require recalling what you know about diffusion and concentration gradients. Reviewing these connected topics can jog your memory and provide the context needed to make the best choice.

Using these techniques for tackling the challenging biology questions on the JAMB CBT can give you an advantage. While there’s no way to know for sure if your answer is 100% correct, you’ll walk away feeling more confident in your selection. And confidence is key to success on this exam. Stay calm and believe in yourself – you’ve got this!


FAQ: Common Mistakes to Avoid on the JAMB CBT Biology Exam

When taking the JAMB CBT Biology exam, avoid these common mistakes:

Rushing Through the Questions

The biggest mistake you can make is rushing through the questions. Take your time to carefully read each question and all the answer choices before selecting an answer. Even if you know the material, rushing can lead to silly mistakes.

Not Reading All Answer Choices

Don’t just pick the first answer that sounds good. Read all the choices to determine the best answer. The test makers are tricky and will include answer choices that seem right but are subtly incorrect. Consider each choice carefully.

Not Guessing

If you don’t know the answer to a question, guess! There is no penalty for guessing on the JAMB CBT, so you have a chance of getting it right. Even if your guess is incorrect, you haven’t lost anything. Leave no questions blank.

Sticking to One Section For Too Long

Don’t spend too much time on any one section or question. If you get stuck, move on. You can come back to it later. This helps ensure you have enough time to answer all questions. Try to keep track of the time as you go to make sure you pace yourself properly.

Changing Answers

Don’t change your answers unless you are absolutely sure your first choice was wrong. Your first instincts are usually the most accurate. Only change an answer if you read something in another question that contradicts it or you realize you misread the question.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you do your best on the JAMB CBT Biology exam. Stay calm, read carefully, guess when unsure, pace yourself, and trust your instincts. You’ve got this! With preparation and the right mindset, you can master this exam.


So there you have it, tough JAMB CBT biology questions demystified. With the right mindset and practice, you’ll be tackling even the trickiest questions in no time. Remember, stay positive, read each question carefully, eliminate incorrect options, make educated guesses for unfamiliar terms, and review the answers to build your knowledge. You’ve got this! With hard work and persistence, you will overcome any obstacles in your way. Keep your eyes on the prize – gaining admission into your dream university. Now get out there and show them what you’re made of. You can do this!

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