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Recommended JAMB CBT 2024 Textbooks: All You Need to Know



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So you’re preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exams to get into your dream university. First things first, you need to get the best JAMB CBT textbooks to study and practice with. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top recommended JAMB CBT textbooks for 2024 to help you pass your exams with flying colors. These textbooks contain past questions from previous years to familiarize yourself with the exam format, content that covers the entire JAMB UTME syllabus, and helpful tips and strategies to ace the exams. With the right materials and enough preparation, you’ll dominate the JAMB CBTs. Keep reading to find out which JAMB CBT textbooks you need to get your hands on now. The earlier you start studying, the better.

Understanding the JAMB CBT Exam Format

The JAMB CBT exam consists of multiple-choice questions in four subjects: English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Understanding how the exam is structured and the types of questions to expect will help you prepare.

The exam is computer-based, so you’ll take it on a desktop computer at an exam center. You’ll have a total of 2 hours to complete the 100 multiple-choice questions – that’s about 1 minute per question, so time management is key.

  • For English, expect questions on grammar, comprehension, lexis and structure. Read passages carefully and pay attention to the meanings of words and phrases.
  • Math questions will cover basic calculations, algebra, statistics, geometry and mensuration. Make sure you know formulas and how to solve linear and quadratic equations.
  • In Chemistry and Biology, focus on fundamental concepts and principles. Know the scientific method, controlling variables, analyzing data and drawing conclusions. Review how living things function, adapt and interact.

With the right preparation, you can ace this exam. Start by obtaining the latest JAMB CBT syllabus to determine what areas you need to study. Then, get recommended textbooks, past questions, and practice regularly. Make flashcards for key terms and concepts. Study with friends to quiz each other.

With hard work and persistence, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed. Believe in yourself, prepare well and go into the exam focused yet relaxed. You’ve got this! Now get studying.

Recommended Textbooks for Each JAMB CBT Subject

To ace the JAMB CBT, you’ll want to study recommended textbooks for each subject. Here are some of the best options:

English Language

  • “The Successors” by Jerry Agada: This novel explores post-civil war Nigeria and is on the JAMB reading list. It provides context about traditional customs and politics in Nigeria that will help with English comprehension questions.
  • “Harvest of Corruption” by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche: Another recommended play that exposes social vices in Nigeria’s public service. Reading this will boost your understanding of English language and literature.


  • “New General Mathematics for SS1-3, JSS 1-3 and Primary 6” by M.O. Adeniji: This covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and more at the right level for JAMB CBT. It provides detailed explanations and many practice questions.
  • “New School Mathematics for JSS 1-3” by Abel and Osborne: Also very comprehensive, covering all areas of mathematics needed for the JAMB CBT mathematics exam. Checklists and self-tests in each chapter help reinforce learning.
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  • “New School Physics” by M.O. Akinde et al: Recommended for its simplified explanations of core physics concepts and principles, from measurements to optics and electromagnetism.
  • “Introductory Certificate Physics” by O.J. Okeke: Provides a solid foundation in mechanics, thermal physics, electromagnetism, optics and modern physics. Uses illustrations and practical examples to facilitate understanding.

With thorough preparation from these recommended textbooks, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to excel in the JAMB CBT exam. Study hard and good luck!

Tips for Using Recommended Textbooks to Prepare

To make the most of the recommended JAMB CBT textbooks, here are some tips:

Start studying early

Don’t wait until a few months before the exam to start studying. Begin going through the textbooks at least 6-8 months ahead of time. This will allow you to thoroughly learn and understand the concepts and materials, rather than just cramming at the last minute. Studying over time in shorter bursts is much more effective.

Focus on understanding, not memorizing

Don’t just read through the textbooks and try to memorize facts and figures. Really make an effort to comprehend the concepts and how ideas relate to each other. The more you understand the materials, the easier the exam will be.

Take good notes

As you read through each textbook, take notes on key terms, examples, diagrams, and summaries. Write down questions you have and review the material again to find the answers. Your notes will serve as a helpful study guide to review before the exam. They will also reinforce your learning and understanding.

Practice with past questions

Get copies of past JAMB CBT exams and work through them. This helps familiarize you with the format and experience of the actual exam. Review the answers and explanations to see how the concepts from your textbooks apply. This also shows you what areas you may need to focus more of your studying on.

Teach the materials to someone else

One of the best ways to learn is to teach the information to another person. Try summarizing key ideas from your textbooks to a friend or family member. This helps reinforce your own understanding in a way that just reading the books alone does not. You’ll quickly find out where the gaps in your knowledge are.

Following these useful tips will help ensure you get the most benefit from the recommended JAMB CBT textbooks. Studying consistently over time, focusing on comprehension, taking good notes, practicing with real questions, and teaching the materials to others are all effective strategies to prepare you for success on the exam.

Buying, Renting or Borrowing Recommended Textbooks

When it comes to buying, renting or borrowing the recommended textbooks for JAMB CBT, you have a few options to consider:

Buying New or Used

If you want your own copies of the textbooks to highlight and take notes in, buying new or used books is a great option. New books will likely come with supplemental materials like workbooks, online resources and answer keys. Used books are more affordable but may be missing some of these extras. Check local bookstores or online for the best deals.

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Renting the recommended textbooks is an economical choice if you only need them for a short time. Many college bookstores and private companies offer textbook rentals for a semester or school year at a fraction of the retail price. Rentals allow you to have your own copy of the book without the high cost of buying new. You will need to return the books in good condition at the end of the rental period.


If money is tight, consider borrowing the recommended textbooks from your school or local library, or from other students who have already taken the JAMB CBT exam. While borrowing is free, the books may have limited availability, especially as the exam date approaches. You also cannot write in borrowed books and will need to return them on time. Ask your teachers, librarians or upperclassmen about options for borrowing the needed textbooks.


Electronic or e-book versions of many recommended textbooks are available for purchase or rent. E-books can save you money and are convenient since you can access them anywhere on a computer, tablet or e-reader device. However, some students prefer physical books for studying and test preparation. Check with your preferred book retailers to see if e-book versions of your needed JAMB CBT textbooks are offered.

In summary, weigh the pros and cons of each option based on your needs and budget. With some time and research, you can find ways to get the recommended textbooks you need for success on the JAMB CBT exam without breaking the bank. Study hard and good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions on JAMB CBT Recommended Reading

Frequently asked questions about JAMB’s recommended CBT textbooks can help clear up any confusion and ensure you choose the right materials to prepare.

Do I have to buy all the recommended textbooks?

No, the list of recommended textbooks contains various options for each subject to suit different needs and budgets. You should choose one main textbook for each subject you plan to take, and you can supplement with additional recommended books if needed.

Can I use textbooks from previous years?

Using recent editions of the recommended textbooks, especially for science and technology subjects, is best to ensure you are studying the latest curriculum and content. However, for arts and humanities subjects where the curriculum remains largely unchanged, older editions of the recommended textbooks can still be useful for review and practice. Check with your teacher or school to determine if any major content changes have been made that would require an updated textbook.

Are the recommended textbooks enough to prepare for JAMB?

The recommended textbooks provide a good overview of JAMB’s exam scope and format. However, for the best preparation, you should also solve past questions from JAMB CBT past question papers, take subject-specific mock exams, and practice with CBT simulation software. The recommended textbooks should form the foundation of your studying, but practical application and experience with the computer-based test format is key.

Can I use other books apart from the recommended list?

Yes, the recommended textbook list is not exhaustive. You can supplement your studying with other books, workbooks, and materials, especially those focused on CBT preparation and practice. However, the majority of your studying should still focus on the concepts, topics and scope outlined in the official JAMB recommended textbooks to ensure complete coverage of the exam curriculum.

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JAMB aims to provide enough options and flexibility in their recommended textbooks to suit the needs of all candidates. Choosing the right combination of recommended and supplementary books for your own studying needs and budget will set you up for success. If you have any other questions about JAMB’s recommended CBT textbooks, be sure to ask your teacher or advisor.

You can find the recommended textbooks for the JAMB CBT 2023 exam on the official JAMB website or other educational websites. Here is a list of recommended textbooks for all subjects that will help you prepare for the exam:

Use of English

  • The Invisible Teacher by Dele Ashade
  • The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H. Mohammed


  • New General Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools by J.B. Channon, A.O. Kalejaiye, M. David-Oku, and E.O. Longe
  • Further Mathematics Project Books 1 and 2 by Tuttuh Adegun and Wole Soyinka


  • Essential Principles of Physics by B.O. Okunade
  • Comprehensive Certificate Physics by S.S. Oluwaleyimu


  • Comprehensive Certificate Chemistry by S.S. Oluwaleyimu
  • Understanding Chemistry for Schools and Colleges by Ojokuku, Akinkugbe, and Oke


  • Modern Biology for Senior Secondary Schools by B.O. Solomon, M. Jegede, and P. Anyakoha
  • Comprehensive Certificate Biology by S.S. Oluwaleyimu


  • A New Geography of West Africa by S.O. Adegoke
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong


  • Essential Economics for Senior Secondary Schools by O.A. John
  • Comprehensive Certificate Economics by S.S. Oluwaleyimu


  • Government for Senior Secondary Schools by C.C. Dibie
  • A Comprehensive Study of Government for Senior Secondary Schools by J.O. Atanda

Literature in English

  • African Prose by Geoffrey Ogunnaike
  • African Poetry by Gbemisola Adeoti

Christian Religious Studies

  • Christian Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools by P.N. Odili
  • Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools by Oluwakemi O. Adesina

Islamic Religious Studies

  • Islamic Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools by Abdulrahman Abdullahi
  • Islamic Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools by Abdulrahman Abdullahi

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and you may need to consult with your teachers or other educational resources to get more information on the recommended textbooks.

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